The KIT 2015 by John Hartman
The industry's most powerful business-building tool for the high school senior market now comes with the most creative senior portrait lighting, posing and post-production ideas you'll find anywhere. Plus, two new promotions to extend your existing client base, raise your session counts and sell more!
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What exactly is The KIT, and how can it benefit my senior portrait business?
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    The KIT 2015 is a complete turnkey system for building your senior portrait business. Designed and refined over a 16 year period by marketing guru John Hartman, it has helped thousands of photographers book more seniors, raise their average sales and improve their photographic skills. In today's ultra-competitive environment, The KIT 2015 can be the tool that helps you stand out in the sea of photographers to make your marketing more effective, your sales efforts more productive and your senior portraits more creative.
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    —Charmaine Check, owner and graphic designer, Check Art Studios

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    —John Hartman, M.Photog.Cr, CPP, EA-ASP

    This year, John has collaborated with Charmaine Check, founder of Check Art Studio and one of the industry's top graphic designers. Charmaine has taken John's pieces and created four completely different deign motifs. So you can choose the style that best fits your studio's branding.
    What makes The KIT 2015 different from any other business growth tool on the market is that it was never designed for use by photographers—it was designed by John Hartman to help build and grow his own studio. He researches, tests, refines and modifies his marketing campaign every year to reflect changes in the booking, buying and payment habits of high school seniors. Unlike virtually every other templated product, The KIT 2015 is created by a working photographer with a 40 year track record of success, and is only offered to others after it has proven to be successful in John's own studio.
    There is nothing else like The KIT 2015—eye-catching professional designs that capture your senior clients' attention. Powerful, tested copy that motivates your senior clients to action!
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    In order to survive in today's market, you must be able to create images that are different from anything else in your area
    AND you must be able to communicate those differences in a way that seniors can easily understand. The KIT 2015 can help.

    The Kit 2015 contains professionally designed marketing pieces that you can very easily customize and make your own. You'll benefit immensely from John's 40 years' worth of experience and knowledge study of copy writing, layout, timing, offer design and everything else it takes to put together a successful marketing campaign that works for all studios small and large. Whether you're new to the business or have been around for decades, The KIT 2015 can make a big difference in the size of your bank account by the end of this senior season.

    In addition,
    The KIT 2015 has sales aids, pricing menus, product packaging and other handouts as well as in-house pieces that have all been designed to solve specific problems or address client concerns, questions or objections.
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    The Marketing and Sales portion of The KIT 2015 contains the following:

    • Huge 23x31 flyer that folds to 6x10 for economical mailing. This flyer is the most effective single mailer John has ever created. He mailed the same design twice last year (using different photos on each) and it booked his entire shooting schedule.

    • 16 page 9x6 catalog educates your clients while showcasing your work.

    • 11x17 Tri-fold postcard provides key booking info, photographs and drives readers to your Web site for more pictures and information.

    • 6x10 reminder postcards you can customize and send inexpensively as often as necessary to keep your phones ringing.

    • 22 page Senior Information Guide helps educate your clients as to your policies, lays out pricing and products that are designed to raise your sales and provide value. This guide alone could pay for
    The KIT 2015 all by itself.

    • 8 page Senior FYI you can mail to your client after they book that explains how prepare for their session. Included are sections to find you, how to look their best in their portraits, what and who to bring, payment policies, etc. Getting this booklet in the mail right after they book boosts your studio's rep and helps eliminate buyers remorse, cancellations and no-shows.

    • Personalized referral cards you can hand out to your seniors to help get you more bookings from their friends.

    • Client survey contains carefully crafted questions your clients fill out to get dozens of outstanding testimonials you can use in all your marketing and advertising.

    • Appointment cards for photo shoots, viewing and final delivery times.

    • Personalized thank you card show your appreciation for your clients' business.

    • Model release signed at the session gives you instant permission to use any and all photos for print and Web/social media publishing.

    You can customize these professionally designed pieces with your own images to create a beautiful AND powerful marketing and merchandising campaign. The wording, the design and all content has been carefully constructed to maximize their effectiveness, book more seniors than you are currently, and to help your senior clients invest more with you that they otherwise would have. John has spent years and invested many thousands studying with the world's best marketing experts (such as
    Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy and Michael Gerber, to name a few). He has brought that expertise into the industry through his own studio, which is the basis for every piece contained in The KIT 2015.

    Each of these pieces comes to you on a disk that you can copy to your computer for customization. You also get a hard copy versions of all the four-color marketing flyers and the 16-page catalog, exactly as John's clients get them.

    And for the fastest learning possible, John has created a multimedia tutorial book that walks you piece by piece and step by step through the campaign. You've never seen a learning tool this thorough and this easy to use.

    Here are just a few of the pieces included that will help put your senior business on top in your market area.

    The KIT 2015 is the industry's most concise guide to the high school senior market. More importantly, it works.

    The KIT 2015 contains a multimedia tutorial that illustrates all the important details of each segment using words, pictures, audio and video. The tutorial pages are hyperlinked from the main Table of Contents, so everything is instantly accessible with a click. You can then follow along in the printed book and/or actual marketing pieces.
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    Hyperlinked Table of Contents pages make it easy to watch the professionally created video tutorials (at right).

    The KIT 2015 comes with your choice of any one of four distinctly different design motifs. Each contains the exact same pieces, with the only variable being the graphics treatment. You can choose from any one of the following exciting designs:
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    Anyone with a camera, a Facebook page and a Web site can call themselves a photographer these days. This, combined with the declining interest in professional photography makes what you photograph and how you present it more important than ever.

    The KIT 2015 Imaging Resource shows you how to create state-of-the-art images that will blow away your clients as it confounds your competition. John is always on the cutting edge of image-making, and he showcases 100 of his most creative senior portraits in a beautiful wire bound Imaging Resource Book. You'll get dozens of ideas you can use right away to help you separate what you do from everyone else in your area. And it's not just a bunch of actions, either—you'll see new lighting systems and techniques, new angles, new uses for nonstandard lenses, plus a host of new and interesting post-production ideas that will stimulate your creativity as they help build your business.

    The images will present questions: How did he light this one? What lens was used? How can I get that effect in Photoshop? In addition to the photos you'll get a multimedia tutorial with videos illustrating exactly how the image looks are created. Lighting, posing, pullbacks and post-processing techniques are covered. You've never seen a how-to digital book with such thoroughness and attention to detail.

    Bonus: In addition to the printed book, you will also get John's entire library of Imaging Resource books dating back to 2010 in PDF format that you can put on your computer, tablet or smartphone for instant reference, even on location. Four years' worth of seniors and 400 different photos at your fingertips means more variety, happier clients!
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    John has generously allowed just one image per page in this 10x9 wire-bound volume. You'll also get the book in PDF format so you can load it on your smartphone, tablet and computer for handy reference, even in the field!

    Every photograph is carefully annotated in a reference section at the back of the book.
    Exposure data, lighting information, post-processing and other notes accompany each image.

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