The Marketing Boot Camp gives you tools to help you grow your studio.

Don't wait until January - you can actually begin your Boot Camp learning right now!

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You'll get four Boot Camps on disk as soon as you register!
As soon as you register, you will be mailed a disk containing the complete audio library and PDF slide shows from four previous Boot Camps. This bonus disk, a $350 value, is yours FREE when you register now.

This disk contains hundreds of ideas that you can start using immediately to build your business. You'll be able to see how year after year John continues to innovate and stay relevant in his market by never standing still. He is constantly reinventing his photographic style to stay ahead, as well as taking advantage of new marketing opportunities. He researches, develops and tests new products that are warmly received by his client base. And he brings that new information to Boot Camp each year.

John is very excited about his all-new program for 2013. His cutting edge marketing, innovative merchandising and inventive photography keeps his studio busy, his creative juices flowing and his cash register ringing.

Notes, audio recordings and PDF slide shows keep you on track when you get home.

When you arrive for the seminar, you'll get a special Boot Camp workbook to help organize what you learn and then take what you learn and put it into a plan of action you can start working on as soon as you get home. This workbook can supplement any electronic notes you take.

In addition to your notes, as a special bonus the entire Boot Camp presentation will be digitally recorded and professionally edited. These audio files will be given to you on a disk about a month after the seminar, so you can listen over and over. Studies show that only 5%-10% of information learned is retained for even a few days, and after a month that number drop to less than 2%. This audio can give you an instant refresher every day as your commute to and from work, during your workout or any time you set aside for personal development.

Previous Boot Camp attendees say these recordings helped them achieve the goals they set while at the seminar. They will help you tremendously to bridge the gap between knowledge and action.

Additionally, the disk also contains PDF slide show of John's actual presentations, including photographs and illustrations, so you can either refer back to them as needed or follow along while listening to the audio recordings.
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You'll get the complete audio recording and digital slide shows of the 2012 Boot Camp.

The 2013 John Hartman Marketing Boot Camp • January 14–16 • The Flamingo Las Vegas