Here's What You'll Learn at the Boot Camp.
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What separates the Marketing Boot Camp from every other seminar, workshop or program is that John doesn't give you just ideas - instead, you will go home with an actual strategy to grow your business. Other seminars may show you one piece of the puzzle, but that does you no good unless you know how that puzzle piece fits into your overall business strategy.

How many times have you attended a workshop, presentation or Webinar and then, a month later you realize you never did anything about what you learned? That's because the presenter gave you information but not a strategic plan of action to assimilate what you learned into your day-to-day business operations. You returned home to a busy schedule, phone calls to return, appointments and no time to design and implement a plan of action.

That's what makes the Boot Camp different - each day, John helps you identify the key points you learned and then assists you in putting them into a written, actionable strategy that you'll be able to begin working immediately. Year after year, attendees tell John that part of their post-Boot Camp success was due to them having a very specific "to-do" list of projects and activities that daily brought them closer to realizing their goals and dreams.
The Marketing Boot Camp thoroughly addresses the four major issues facing photographers today:

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    You'll find out how to maximize each marketing dollar you invest. This doesn't always mean using the lowest-cost methods - but it always means getting the highest possible return for your effort and expenditure. John will show you how he has increased his portrait client volume in each of the past two years, defying the current economic climate. You can have as many clients as you'd like, but you have to know what they want, how to reach them, and what to say when you're in front of them. This exciting marketing portion of the Boot Camp will send you home with dozens of ideas you can use to get your cash register ringing immediately!
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    Your clients don't stop buying from you because they run out of money. They stop because they run out of things to buy! The days of selling just a wall portrait, gift sizes and some wallets are over. You can increase each sale by 50% or more by offering additional uses for your images beyond the traditional framed wall or desk portrait. And just having these products for sale isn't enough. You have to know what to offer and to whom, and at what price point. You need to know how to merchandise and present them. And you also must know how to use these products as leverage to improve your total overall sale - even if you give them away for free!
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    If you're like most photographers, when your shooting day is over you start your second shift in front of the computer. Wouldn't it be nice to know how to shave hours off your total production time, so you can go home at a decent hour and actually have a life? John has been there, done that, got the t-shirt. He finally got mad and decided to do something about it, and what he learned and shares with you will change your life, just as it changed his. If you work too hard for the money you earn, you need to be in the front row for this segment of the Boot Camp!
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    Many photographers who are experiencing tough times now are searching everywhere for answers. Is it the economy? Is it all the new competitors? Is it their outdated (or non-existent) marketing? The elephant in the room might be that they aren't producing work that is different enough from what the public thinks is worth paying for (or what their amateur friend can do with their 'good' camera). At Boot Camp we will talk about a number of proactive steps you can take to counter this thinking. But more importantly, we will discuss new imaging techniques not being done in your area that you could add to your repertoire. Creative rut? Boot Camp will help get you excited about your photography again!
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    Anyone with a camera can create the images at left (above and below). But the ones on the right require skill and a toolset your competitors most likely don't have. If you were the client, which would you prefer? Learn how to create dramatic images like this that will "Wow!" your clients and separate you from lesser photographers in your area.
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    Every segment of the Marketing Boot Camp is carefully designed to be enjoyable to watch, simple to understand and most importantly, easy to implement. Because it doesn't matter how much you learn if you don't put any of it in to practice when you get back home. John's 38 years as a professional photographer, 28 years as a presenter, and 17 years teaching at Boot Camp has helped him develop, use and refine teaching methods that work for photographers of any skill and experience level.

    You won't hear a lot of theory or fluff, either. John only teaches what he does. You'll learn why he does something, how he does it, the results from his effort and what he did to refine his method of doing it. He's made all the mistakes along the way, so you don't have to!

    In addition, John enlists the expertise of other industry experts for their advice regarding products, services and delivery methods that John isn't actively involved with. Past Boot Camps have featured interviews and live presentations by leaders such as Rod Evans, Sarah Petty, Gary Box, Joey L, Kent Smith, Tom Bagby, Colleen & Company, Bruce and Josh Hudson and Doug Box.

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    The 2013 John Hartman Marketing Boot Camp • January 14–16 • The Flamingo Las Vegas