What's New for Boot Camp 2013?

For almost four decades, John Hartman has been consistently recognized as one of the true pioneers in our industry. He's never been a follower. Rather, he devotes considerable time, effort and expense developing new marketing, sales and photographic techniques that keep his studio on top in his marketing area as well as on the national level.

Here are just a few of the ways he has kept in the forefront of the industry for over 38 years:

  • John was one of the first to understand the power of direct marketing way back in the '70s.
  • He invested years of research finding the right incentives for prospects to book appointments
  • He wrote a database program from scratch in 1991 that still runs his studio
  • He is constantly testing new techniques to increase sales without increasing fees or prices
  • He has studied layout and design ideas that make any marketing more effective
  • He started using variable data marketing back in the early '90s
  • He was among the very first Xerox printer portrait photographers - if you have one, you have John to thank
  • He was one of the first portrait photographers to use multiple flashes outdoors with high speed sync
  • He pioneered the technique of panoramic group photography
  • He started using HDR imaging before most photographers even knew what it was
  • He has refined and popularized the process of WOAP (wide open aperture portraits)
  • He was the first portrait photographer to use the iPad as an instant viewing device in his sessions
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Client was proud to hang this 72" panoramic portrait stitched from nine separate photographs.
You will learn how to produce, market and sell sizable art like this that your customers will love.

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So what new ideas will John be showing us at Boot Camp 2013?

A lot. There are so many new opportunities going on in the industry right now that John will be debuting in Las Vegas. Here are just a few:
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    The unique factor that separates your work from others can be dramatically influenced by the way you light your subjects. John is constantly researching, testing and implementing new lighting ideas, and this year is no different. At the 2013 Boot Camp, John will show you two new lighting techniques he is currently working on that are producing images his competitors cannot easily replicate. He will also show how he is making his target market aware of these differences, in effect using his lighting techniques as a visual competitive advantage.
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    No matter how you communicate to your clients, whether through your Web site, FaceBook, your blog, direct mail or other printed piece, what you say is critical to the success of your marketing effort. For the very first time, John will be sharing his secrets of writing powerful copy you can use to captivate, book and sell your clients. He will be presenting this copy writing clinic in step-by-step, easy to learn fashion, so you can improve your marketing results with no more effort or expense than you're currently investing. Most photographers give little thought to how important what they say to their audience really is—at the Boot Camp, you'll learn not only why it's important, but also what, when and how to say it for maximum marketing results.
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    If you are not maximizing the buying potential for each client, you are leaving money on the table that you deserve! A segment of the Boot Camp will cover new and unique products and services you can offer that will add to each sale. You'll also learn how to package and price these products to make them irresistible to your clients. This information could easily raise your average purchase by $100 to $300 or more - think of what would that do to your bottom line in 2013?
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    HDR imaging can be used to create beautiful images, but it's also one of the misunderstood photographic techniques.
    At Boot Camp, you will discover what HDR is, when it should and shouldn't be used, how to create it,
    and most importantly,how to market and sell it.

    The 2013 John Hartman Marketing Boot Camp • January 14–16 • The Flamingo Las Vegas