What Others Say About the Boot Camp
"This is the only photo program I would ever pay to attend. The insight and information is invaluable!"
Skip Trombetti, Mentor, OH
"Every year I tell myself, We need to go to Boot Camp. But every year something else would come up. This year, I made my mind up. If we still want to be in business in five years, we ARE going to John's Boot Camp! Yeah—he's that good!""
Tina Slusser-Ley, Canton, OH
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Over the last 20 years John Hartman has done more for building and making profitable professional photographers than most pro organizations.

For marketing, senior and family portrait techniques and even workflow process your main resource should be the Hartman Boot Camp and his 'Done for you' products.

—T.A. Schmidt, Redding, CA


"I don't know how John does it every year, he is does it again. Has not only some of the greatest marketing strategies to keep your business moving forward, but infuses those ideas with the latest technology, cutting edge photography techniques and sales strategies.

I have attended John's Boot Camp multiple times and it is the foundation of many of my business practices."

Rod Evans, Sioux Falls, SD


Nothing... nothing I have ever invested in for growing my business has had the solid, no bull, real world impact on my bottom line as the time I have spent with John Hartman at Marketing Boot Camp. John knows the business of photography better than anyone, and always has his finger on the pulse of the market. The Boot Camp format brings ALL the pieces together and in focus in a cohesive way that just makes sense. If you are serious about your business... go to Bootcamp.

Dennis Kelly, Blackwood, NJ


"The photography industry is full of one hit wonders, 'teachers' with a scant handful of years experience. I've enjoyed 30 years in this industry and John is the one who's been 'for real' through all this time.

If you're serious about being in photography, get serious about your education. Hartman's is a no BS zone."

Lance Hill, Shoreview, MN

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"John Hartman is the one that taught us about the every day business things that make you successful. We went to one of the very first Boot Camps and was thrilled at the impact it made on our business. Years later, we attended again, and was not disappointed.

Once again, John delivers the goods in a way that is easy to understand and in a way that you understand how to implement them into your business. This is Photography Business 101; a must!"

Cheryl Ridgeway, Maryville, IL


"Hartman is a SURVIVOR! His marketing, business, and photography expertise proves it every day. He will be one of the LAST ones on the island. Study him carefully!!"

Kent Smith, Pickerington, OH


"I purchased John's SeniorMarking program several years ago (now known as The Kit). I remember being nervous about taking the plunge into real marketing and implementing what he was teaching. That year we doubled our average sale and and tripled our number of seniors. Using many of the principle John taught we are on track to gross over $400k from senior sales this year. John is the real deal and a visionary in our profession!

Justin Shook, Modesto, CA


I've attended a few of John's Bootcamps and had the privilege of networking with him as well. I doubt there is a more hardworking, creative, giving person on the planet.

John is always stretching his boundaries and testing new things - but always from the perspective of sound business practices. If he shares a technique, he's tested it. If he has a workflow process, it's been proven to be effective.

Attending his bootcamp will stretch your mind, give you great ideas and bottom line - make you money. It has for me."

Gail Morello, Merrimack, NH
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"The Boot Camp I went to last year was the best program I have ever seen!

If you have not been there, you really need to go."

Rock Tweeten, Grafton, ND


"Hartman's Bootcamp is the real deal. His concepts and way of presenting them along with case studies from other proven successful photographers make this a 'must not miss event' if you want to grow your business with proven strategies.

If you put John's ideas to work in your business you'll be in business. Plus, it's a great networking event with successful photographers from around the country."

Bob Coates, Sedona, AZ


"There are plenty of places to toss money these days in the Rock Star photography world. The problems is most of them are no more qualified to give advice, education or expand your business than your own mother.

John Hartman, however, is an industry innovator who can teach not only the technical, but the business side of a successful studio. His Boot Camp should be a must for any serious photographer in today's market."

—Stephanie Deveau, Bakersfield, CA


"John Hartman is the leader in education for portrait photographers both in marketing and in cutting edge tools from lighting to PS techniques.

Personally learning his marketing technique in the late ’90s saved our business and his technique in marketing was the first system we used where we received a steady growth in our business for over 10 years.

Trenton Bahr, Granite Bay, CA
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“Wow, I had no idea it was going to be like this. I just appreciated all the experience and knowledge that was floating around the room.

If you want different ideas, ideas that no other photographers are doing or won't because they are hard or to expensive, come to this. That is what will set you apart.

There was not one single topic or part of the program that was not interesting. Loved it all!”

—Kathy Walker, Red Cliff, Alberta, Canada


“I really enjoyed the fact that you brought in extra talent...everything was presented in an easy to understand format.

I had a ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ experience at the bootcamp...so many things happened negatively in my studio and market place that I felt washed up on some distant shore...lost my balance...so, on Wednesday it started to come together...a complete revamping of my shop and life...the last 10 great quotes nailed it...so I feel like there is hope and I can do it again with style.

Go…it is so worth it!”

–Ric Zimmerman, Billings, MT


“This is absolutely the best way for me to keep up with what's going on in the industry, what works and what doesn't work.

If you are looking for a real motivational kick in the pants, you have to go to Boot Camp.”

—Kelly Stratemeyer, Metropolis, IL


“Most of the guest speakers presented valuable information in a time efficient manner. Rod Evans, Sarah Petty ,Doug Box and Kent Smith were interesting and provided useful ideas to incorporate into business.”

–Tana Nelson, Frisco, TX


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“Well organized, well presented, a large volume of good and useful information given with a mandate to "put it to use" as opposed to the general seminar gig of ‘Here, open your mind and let's pour some stuff in and see if it sticks.’

Be prepared to work, listen, ask questions, and think seriously about your business.”

–Mark Turner, Bellingham, WA


“Here’s what I learned: Auctions and how to make them work. Website and how to make it effective. How to change customer perception. Facebook images and not to sell them. Prices and or comparable value, such as ‘our prices start from only the cost of a pair of jeans.’ Networking during lunch time in terms of marketing ideas was of equal value compared with the content of the Boot Camp—I now have no shortage of marketing ideas.

John really cares, he is interested in people as individuals and wants you to succeed. He does not do this just to make money, He does it for the love of photography and his sincere interest in other people.”

—Peter Etches, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

"I have gone to every Boot Camp since 1996 and it is the best investment that I have every made. I came back after the first one and my wife thought someone else was put into my body. She was skeptical at first but we agreed we would try what I learned for a year and if it didn't work we would go back to what we were doing.

Needless to say it worked! I made sure that after every Boot Camp I implemented what was presented to book more sessions, work smarter not harder and have goals that I wanted to meet.

Thanks to John I our studio is open only four days a week, I can choose the clients I want (yes, I do say no a lot) and most of all we are debt free and can retire when we want."

—Mark Allan, Wolcott, CT


“From the moment the seminar began it had a different feeling. There was no doubt about it I was in a room of people who took their profession seriously and believed in John—some being back for the 18th time! Seeing other speakers attending the workshop really gave me a feeling that I was going to be getting something different and I was not disappointed. There were no hijackers of the conference, no overriding egos. Everyone shared with everyone, and I felt like I learned from all.

The biggest part for me was that this was a professional, keep-you-accountable-and-motivated conference and your success matters to John.

If you are cutting costs and figuring out what is worth going to for bang for you buck then make this the choice. There is more information here than 6 Imaging and WPPI conventions, and in a smaller more intimate and professional atmosphere.”

—Crackle Bingham, Missoula, MT


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“Excellent, well presented and to the point. I got many ideas to work on for the coming year and more importantly I felt empowered by what I learned to put them into practice.

Coming to the Boot Camp is the best investment you can make in your business. Knowledge is power and it is a bargain to be able to get all the experience advice and wisdom in one spot. If you are serious about improving your business and willing to implement what you learn, there is no better way to go about it than attending the Boot Camp. I have been to at least six Boot Camps and I credit that with keeping my business on a good trajectory through good and challenging times.”

—Peter Friedman, Weston CT


“I’ve never sat through anything in my life except this...fun...no fluff...I would come again.

Go and apply and you will win!”

—Craig Kienast, Clear Lake, IA


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“I liked the variety in the presentations. By switching up topics, it made it easier to stay focused. The visual presentations were stunning. The breaks also allowed for networking.

Your exhortation to be creative, unique and ahead of the curve has given me a wake up call to review and reevaluate my techniques and photo game plans. Your takes on the coming trends in the industry and the how-to’s are the keys to the Boot Camp.

This is the only photo program I would ever pay to attend. The insight and information is invaluable!”

—Skip Trombetti, Mentor OH


“I learned that I have much greater potential and need to work ‘on’ my business more and not ‘in’ the business so much. In other words, hire people to do some of the things I am currently doing.

I have recommended BootCamp to several people I know. I think one is coming for sure next year. I tell them that John is one to the smartest guys in the business and that he has his ear to the ground, and to trust me on this one. They should go!”

—Al Buschauer, Barrington, IL


"First, I want to tell you, John, that the experience last year was the best ever. We brought along four others from the studio, and ended the time with one of the most spirited discussions about our business I have ever seen.

I have attended several Boot Camps over the past seventeen years and am always amazed at the new information John brings to the table. His style of marketing became the standard of the industry for years, but that's not where it ends. John was the first studio owner I know to use digital professionally before the rest of us even considered the possibility. His teaching style is thorough, understandable, and useable.

If you are serious about running a successful business - on professional, artistic and business levels - attending a Hartman Boot Camp is simply a must."

—Bill Keane, San Diego. CA


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The 2013 John Hartman Marketing Boot Camp • January 14–16 • The Flamingo Las Vegas