Two More Powerful Tools To Increase Bookings and Raise Your Sales
John more than doubled his family portrait sessions last year while increasing his sales by six-figures using these two programs. He developed, tested and refined them to an extremely high degree, and then had Charmaine add her design concepts to improve them even further. Best of all, neither requires a great deal of effort or expense, and both extend product lines you probably already have. And they're priced for any budget, so you can start making money with them right away!
    Book More Families From Your Existing Clients.
    If you photograph seniors, children, weddings sports teams or executives, you should be photographing their families! The secret to booking families is no secret at all - just ask your current clients. Rather than going all ‘promotional’ on the people who are already spending good money with you, this more passive approach gently promotes and invites with no pressure. The idea of owning a beautiful family portrait is important to almost everyone. Yet few actually do it on their own. John created these new family pieces to give to everyone who visits my studio as an ‘automatic.’ You should always assume that if they’re in your studio, they have a family in need of a portrait. And it works - using this system, John books about one family for every ten non-family clients. That’s a lot of extra sessions with almost no work, and with clients who already know you, who like what you do and are willing to pay your price.

    This new family portrait package includes:

    Complimentary Portrait Session Invitation. Give this to every client as an incentive to have their family photographed. A free or low-cost session is all it takes for many people to say yes.

    Family Sales Brochure. John wanted this to be a really, really nice piece, and Charmaine helped make it happen. Just photographs and words confirming the value of a family portrait, the reasons why they should hire you, and why they should do it now. This brochure, along with the above invitation certificate, will go home with some ‘soaking time’ so that when they come back for their next appointment with you, a simple question: “Have you thought about a time for that family portrait?” will often book the appointment on the spot.

    • Family Portrait Preparation Book. This goes home after your family consultation to help them with clothing and other decisions. More importantly, it instructs them how to photograph places in their home where the portraits will hang, setting up the entire premise of a wall portrait or grouping.

    Family Portrait Information Guide. Modeled after the Senior Information Guide in The KIT 2015, this book contains all pricing, product and policy information for non-senior clients. Years and years of hard work and testing went into the production of this book. All the work has been done for you, so you don’t have to!

    • Testimonial Acquisition System. John has spent years tweaking this client questionnaire that asks all the right questions to get glowing testimonials for all your marketing; direct mail, Web site, social media, print ads, etc. Sure, we all get unsolicited testimonials now and then, but these carefully worded questions answer all the major objections people have for not coming to your studio. This piece alone is worth the price of the entire package

    Appointment Cards, Model Release and Thank You Cards to round out your client’s experience with you, all in the same Charmaine-inspired packaging design.
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    Become a Hero in Your Community While Adding Dozens of Qualified Clients Each Year.
    If you’ve ever been asked to donate something for a charity auction, you can use the Buy It Now program to multiply both bookings and sales from your donation, while providing much more revenue to the charity organization.

    The premise is simple: if you donate a session and a finished portrait for an auction, a number of people will bid on your gift but only one will win it. Do those who didn’t win the bid EVER call you and say they wanted to book you anyway? Of course not. So an auction limits the charity organization to one sale, and limits you to one client. The Buy It Now program allows anyone to buy a gift certificate for their $99 donation to the organization. For that, they get a $500 gift card from your studio. This is such a great deal that everyone wants one! The first event John did this for raised over $2200 for the organization, and he got almost two dozen new clients who spent an additional $26,573 at his studio. Since that time, the Buy It Now program has added a healthy six-figure increase to his portrait sales. And like the Family Portrait Program above, John simply tweaked his system of helping the same people he was already working with. Simple in principle, but complex in execution.

    The Buy It Now program gives you all the advantages of John having already worked out the kinks for you in advance, so you can avoid the same mistakes he made. Because it needs to be treated by the organization slightly different than an auction item, you need how to explain and sell the idea to them. You also have to know how to present it to the buyers, as well as how to follow up with them to make sure you book them.

    Here’s what this kit includes:

    • An introduction letter to the organization explaining the details and benefits of this program.

    The certificate the donor purchases.

    Signage and table tents that publicize your item at the event.

    A well thought-out script to be read by the emcee, auctioneer or over the public address system describing your donation.

    A signup sheet to gather donor contact information when they purchase the gift certificate.

    A short video explaining exactly how to use each piece in this powerful program to add additional sales to the charity’s event while bringing new and qualified clients to your studio.
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