Hardware and Software Requirements
    The KIT 2015 can be used with any computer running Windows (any version) or Mac (any version) that will support the required software.
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    The videos will play on the latest version QuickTime Player, which you should upgrade to here as a free download.
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    The tutorials require the latest version of Adobe Reader, also a free download.
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    You can use any version of Photoshop is necessary to work with your images.
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    The page layouts for the brochures, flyers, postcards, price menus and other handouts are created in Adobe InDesign, which is the industry standard page payout tool. The files are compatible with version CS4 through the current InDesign CC. Click here to see why InDesign is the only tool you should be using for page design, and how you can get it from Adobe at a very reasonable cost.
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    Both John and Charmaine are students of design and typography. They have chosen just one font family, Myriad Pro, as the typeface
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    You wouldn't take a pocket point & shoot camera to cover a wedding. (well, you could, but it's just the wrong tool). Many photographers use Photoshop to design simple postcards, and some designers actually sell layout templates created in Photoshop.


    Photoshop is an image manipulation application with a very simple text editing tool, meant for adding simple headlines, phrases, etc. to photographs. It is NOT meant for large paragraphs of text. It does not support multi-page documents, mail merge, text and paragraph styles, or search and replace functions.

    This is why Adobe InDesign was used to create the files in
    The KIT. InDesign makes it easy to modify the pieces. In Photoshop, you would have to open each page of each file, select the proper text layer, scroll over each word you wanted to change and then type the new one. And if your new words happened to add another line in the paragraph that spilled off the page, you'd have a tough time fixing it.

    But with InDesign, you can open
    every file in The KIT and make all your changes at once—universally! John has created the files using what he calls 'dummy words' that you can substitute for your name, your studio, your street, your phone number, etc. For example, InDesign will find every instance of the dummy word YourStudio and change it to Jones Photography immediately—and on every open document. Do the same thing for the other Dummy Words and in just a few minutes you have completely modified all your pieces. You would spend hours and hours doing this in Photoshop.

    With the Find/Change function, InDesign substitutes all the red 'Dummy Words' for your own words—instantly, and all at once!

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    Similarly, substituting the sample photographs in the documents for your own images is much easier to do in InDesign than Photoshop. And if you have to fine-tune any lines, paragraphs or columns to make your text fit and look balanced, InDesign has the proper tools to get the job done. Photoshop does not.

    In marketing, just as in photography, using the proper tool can save you time and frustration. With
    The KIT 2015, InDesign will do both.
    InDesign comes as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, to which you can upgrade if you already have Photoshop. And John has created several video tutorials that show in step-by-step detail you how to modify the files in The KIT 2015, even if you're new to the program.

    You can get InDesign or the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite at great savings.
    InDesign is just $19.99 per month for a year's license, or you can get it month-to-month for just $29.99 per month.

    So your lowest total cost option would be to get InDesign only for one month at just $29.99. You would then have that much time to make your text and photo modifications and output your designs to PDF for future printing. After that, you could either cancel or continue your subscription (and once you see all you can do in InDesign, you may decide you can't live without it).

    But what if you don't want to learn another program right now?

    Because InDesign is the industry standard, you can easily and inexpensively hire a graphic designer to make the changes to the files for you. As mentioned in the tab section at left, the word changes for every flyer, brochure, and postcard in
    The KIT 2015 can be done in just a few minutes. Each piece also comes in PDF format, so you can open and print them, making the visual changes you want with notes, and handing them plus The KIT 2015 InDesign files off to your designer. After they make the modifications to your satisfaction, they can save the finished files as PDFs for you to print in-house or to have commercially printed.

    And if you want the ultimate in simplicity you can have
    Spectra Print, John's four-color printer, do everything for you. You just specify which changes you want, and their graphic department will make all the changes for you. They can print your pieces and even mail them for you right from their plant!
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