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Q: What hardware and software do I need to run QuickMats 4?

A: QuickMats 4 works with any Macintosh or Windows computer running Photoshop 6.0 or later, including CS5. You will need 6 GB of free space on your hard drive.

Q: Can I use Photoshop Elements?

A: No. QuickMats requires certain functions that Elements does not have.

Q: I don't know Photoshop very well. Can I learn QuickMats 4?

A: The hyperlinked interactive table of contents helps you quickly locate and information you need, and the high-resolution video tutorials set the standard for quality and ease of learning. Even the most inexperienced user can build his or her first QuickMat in just a few minutes.

Q: How do you present your finished QuickMats to your clients?

A: John has his photo lab print the QuickMats files on regular photo paper. They are coated with a luster acrylic lacquer spray and mounted to artboard or masonite to eliminate the need for glass; then they are framed. Of course, you can use glass in your frames if you prefer. Under glass, they are virtually indistinguishable from real mats. (Except, of course, you can be much more creative with your QuickMats presentation.) To keep the glass away from the print, we recommend spacers such as those sold by Frametek. Many QuickMats users also print their images on inkjet printers.

Q: Can you use textured photo paper such as canvas, watercolor or linen?

A: Yes, but because you can add different textures to both the inside and the outside mats (and even the photo itself), the use of textured paper redundant and unnecessary. John uses E surface photo paper, and luster inkjet paper for his QuickMats images.

Q: How much do I charge for the QuickMats photos I create?

A: John has been selling QuickMats since 1999, and has experimented with several selling options and price points for a wide variety of QuickMats products. He has produced an instructional video that contains a well-reasoned and field tested method of pricing for QuickMats that benefits both you and your customer.

Q: Can I see a real QuickMat image before I buy?

A: Yes! Click here to download finished QuickMats 4 files in full resolution you can open in Photoshop, view and print.

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