How QuickMats works

Using QuickMats is very simple, even for the Photoshop novice. Here is our final design:
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Building a QuickMat step by step
First, open the image you want to mat.
Then open the prebuilt QuickMat file in the size and shape you want (there are 465 mat openings to choose from).
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Drag your photo and drop it onto the mat. Resize the photo to fit inside the opening, if necessary.
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Using the custom QuickMats Action set, add color and texture to both the outside mat and the inside liner.
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Flatten, save and send the file to your printer.. It's that simple—and incredibly realistic!
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Of course, you have the ability to add custom image overlays, title plates and even a personalized, color-coordinated signature or logo to finish off your art. QuickMats 4 allows you complete flexibility over the design and look of your finished image. Best of all, you will have a new product line you can add that will help to increase every order!